Westpark Plaza
Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric car charging stations are available on campus, located on the west side of 3820 American Drive, (Click here to view site map and additional information about the electric vehicle charging station).

You can sign up at www.chargepoint.com or using the ChargePoint app on either your iPhone or Android.

To be approved for the discounted Tenant Rates you must register using Connection Code LH27400.

Use is free until December 1! After December 1, discounted rates are available to tenants.

Rates are below but are subject to change without notice.


Tenant Rates

Visitor Rates

Up to 4 hours

$0.75 per hour

$1.00 per hour

Over 4 hours

$2.00 per hour

$2.00 per hour

Max per day $25.00 $25.00