Westpark Plaza

Westpark Plaza is committed to creating and protecting green real estate environments. To research responsibly and thoughtfully, Westpark Plaza has formed a sustainability committee, whose Mission Statement is "Promote environmental stewardship through the implementation of sustainable ecological initiatives that benefit our assets, investors, customers, employees & planet."


  1. According to the United States Green Building Council ("USGBC"), the commercial office buildings generate 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.
  2. Electricity is one of the largest expenses tenants incur.
  3. It is estimated that 50-55,000 species of life are going extinct every year due to a lack of resources left available to them resulting from humans’ use of resources.
  4. Every living system on the planet is in decline – none are stable.
  5. The reduction of emissions is not only crucial for the health of the planet but also for a company’s bottom line.