Westpark Plaza
General Rules and Regulations
  1. We do not allow signs or advertisements to be posted in the common areas or outside of the building, or in windows of your suite to be visible to the common area or outside of the building without prior written consent. The Landlord has the right to remove any non-approved signage, and tenant may be billed for any resulting damage.
  2. We do not allow any animals in the building except for registered service animals.
  3. This is a non-smoking campus, including parking lots.
  4. Please ensure all plumbing fixtures (commodes, sinks, urinals, water fountains, etc.) are used for their intended purpose only. Tenants will be responsible for repair costs if their staff or visitors deposit any items that cause a blockage or overflow.
  5. Please do not block common area corridors, walkways or stairwells.
  6. We do not allow firearms or weapons of any kind in the building.
  7. Please do not use or bring into the building: skateboards, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, motorcycles or similar equipment.
  8. If you have items that need to be discarded but are too large for your trash receptacles, please leave them within your suite and mark them as "Trash" so the janitorial crew will know to dispose of it.
  9. Please do not make (or allow within your suite) any noise or odor that interferes with other tenants or visitors to the building.
  10. Please check with your property manager before bringing heavy equipment into the building. Engineering should verify the weight, size and placement to ensure the load bearing capacity of the floor.
  11. We do not allow any method of heating or air conditioning, other than that supplied by the building. Space heaters, candles, or any flammable materials or liquids, are prohibited.
  12. Please do not attempt to obstruct air conditioning vents, valves or thermostats in your suite. If an area in your suite is uncomfortable, please submit a work request so that a proper repair can be made. Tampering with equipment will result in damage to the building system.
  13. No cooking is allowed in the building (i.e, popcorn or bacon in the microwave, chafing dishes, hot plates, sterno, etc.). The smell will disturb other tenants, and it is likely to set off the fire alarm.
  14. We do not allow additional locks of any kind on doors or windows. If you need additional keys or locks, or want to have your locks changed, please contact the Management Office.
  15. We do not allow soliciting in the building. If a salesperson or peddler visits your suite, please contact the Management Office.