Westpark Plaza
Fire Response Plan

If you see smoke or flames begin to evacuate the building quickly and calmly. Do not stop to make phone calls or pick up personal items. If the alarm is not already sounding pull the nearest hall station alarm on your way out. Once everyone in your office is safely outside of the building and accounted for, FIRST call 911 and then the Management Office 972-964-8485. If the fire alarm sounds you should treat this as an active fire and begin evacuation procedures. You will be informed as quickly as possible by the Management office if this is a false alarm. However, do not risk the precious few minutes you may have in the event of an actual fire in calling the Management Office. This may be the time you will need to escape a real fire.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to have in place their own evacuation plan. Having this in place before an emergency can save lives. Make plans for dealing with mobility restricted patients or staff and assign staff to assist them. If you have an issue with transporting someone you may be on your own until the Fire Department arrives. Call 911 if you need assistance either getting someone out of the building or getting them back into the building.

When calling 911 be prepared to provide the following information to the fire department:

  1. What is on fire?
  2. Address of the building - 3820 American Drive Plano, TX 75075
  3. Closest Intersection - American Drive and Coit Road
  4. Type of Occupancy - Commercial Building
  5. What Floor?
  6. Telephone Number you are calling from
  7. Any information about handicap or wheelchair users you are aware of in the building.

The building is equipped with a life safety system that consists of smoke detectors, emergency pull stations, strobe lights, exit lights and local audio alarms. These devices are connected to the building’s fire panel, which is monitored 24 hours a day. When any of the devices are activated, the monitoring company will call the appropriate authorities.

Important. . .

In the event of a fire, use the stairwells marked as Exits - DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. They will not respond to your floor in an alarm situation. In addition to the elevators deactivating, all of the HVAC air handlers will deactivate to prevent the spread of smoke.

After entering the stairwell, be sure to close the stairwell doors to help prevent the spread of smoke and help maintain the proper pressurization.

Please assist any handicap or wheelchair users to the stairwell landings and communicate their location to the nearest fireman so they can take the necessary steps to safely evacuate the handicapped person from the area of danger.

An evacuation map should be posted in your suite at all times. The map should contain a basic outline of your floor and arrows signifying the nearest stairwell exit.

Once outside the building, be sure that all of your staff and visitors gather in an area of the parking lot away from the building, allowing access to the main entrances by the fire department.

Once the alarm has been investigated and it has been determined that there is no present danger, the alarms will be silenced and the life safety system will be reset. The fire department will then give the on-site staff the "All Clear" and you will be notified that it is safe to re-enter the building. All HVAC systems and elevators will be returned to normal operation.