Westpark Plaza
Power Failure Response Plan

Power failures are rare but occasionally occur. The elevators will not operate so exiting the building must be done through the stairwells. The stairwells and a limited number of light fixtures throughout the building are equipped with a battery backup that will provide minimal lighting only intended for enough time to leave the building in a calm and orderly manner. Building Management will contact the local power provider and repairs will be made as quickly as possible.

Loss of Power

  • Each office should have a battery-powered transistor radio to listen to local news in the event of an area-wide blackout.
  • Each office should be equipped with tenant provided flashlight and spare batteries.
  • Tenants should turn off all electrical equipment in their offices to prevent power surge damage to equipment when power is restored or provide their own back-up system.

Restoration of Power

  • When power is restored, all emergency electrical systems should be shut off.
  • The Building staff will restore elevator service, air conditioning service, and then individual tenant problems will be addressed.
  • Due to the amount of power passing through the Building when power is restored, circuit breakers may be tripped. If you do not have total electrical service restored to your suite, you should submit a service request or contact Building Management.