Westpark Plaza
Tornado and Severe Weather Response Plan

Tornados often accompany severe thunderstorms and are only one of many severe weather hazards. Others include lightning, strong winds, rain and hail. When severe weather conditions become apparent, keep your radio or television turned to hear weather reports and forecasts (issued by the National Weather Service) as well as other information and advice that may be broadcast by local government. Except in very rare circumstances, the decision to evacuate the building based on the above weather reports will not be made by Building Management, but rather by each Tenant Company.

Please be aware of the distinction between:

Tornado Watch - Tornados and severe weather are possible
Tornado Warning - Tornado(s) have been detected; TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY

In the event that a tornado is sighted in the area and a local area siren is heard or a weather announcement is sounded through the public broadcasting systems:

  1. Close all doors and windows
  2. Go to interior small rooms or hallways and face the wall
  3. Stay away from windows, doors, and exterior building walls
  4. Protect your head
  5. Remain in hallways or interior areas until the weather has passed

Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

  • Wet, dark, snowy, and icing conditions will be present and require personal caution to prevent injury.
  • Slippery driving and walking conditions require awareness and judgment.
  • Walk slowly in appropriate foot wear, wear gloves and use hand rails. Do not walk with your hands in your pockets.
  • Report any areas of unusual snow and ice accumulation.